Note: While testing, I encountered a bug when going fullscreen in Chrome in which it seems to think your mouse is always in the same place, even when you're clearly moving it, meaning you can't press different buttons. If this happens, panic click in and out of the game a few times.

P.S. If you use the fullscreen button on the bottom right, reset the level afterwards and things will re-adjust so they're not clipped out of the screen.


GridShift—A challenging and innovative puzzle game! Collect all the apples in as few moves as possible!

Every move puts you over by two spaces, not one! That means, to get to certain spots, you'll have to move just one space by hitting an obstacle, performing what is called a Grid Shift.

Lots of characters to unlock! Play well enough, and you can even unlock me! (Which would be pretty great, because I do not appreciate being locked up.)

Music is original by me; and can be found on youtube!

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