TIPS: Camera changing is your friend. Also, walls are great for stabilizing yourself by completely stopping movement in one axis.


Explore 4 courses of this moderately entertaining game to collect all of the cube things!

Set to remarkably charming music, Roly Poly asks you the hard questions. Can you navigate the Asteroid Field? Safely reach the end of the Danger Stick? How many times will you fall and be forced to take the Redemption Ramp? RIP Redemption Ramp. Clear the Gauntlet as a whole? And, of course, can you beat your best time?

WASD or arrow keys to move. One thing that you'll find is that you aren't quite rolling the ball directly. It's more like you're blowing a strong wind in whatever direction you press, so think in terms of acceleration and force. You can (and actually will have to) turn around in midair if you want to!

Have fun!

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Published 1 year ago
AuthorThe Hottest Pocket


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wow its hard! but a nice game