You are Rigo, a swallow who hopes to finish building a boat with his righteous gang, the Salvation Conflagration, in order to traverse the seas unburdened by such things as migratory patterns and fatigue. Watch out for windows and the Intricate Syndicate!

CONTROLS: Spacebar to flap, arrow keys to move left and right, SHIFT to speed up, P to pause. Up to cling to walls, release to slide down.


Easy - extra 1-Ups (worms) added, 1 extra checkpoint added, some hazards removed. Much fewer enemy birds. Much slower window spinning.

Medium - The game proper.

Hard - Like medium, but with slightly faster and more frequent birds. Faster window spinning.

Ludicrous - overwhelmingly more frequent and much faster birds. Requires spectacular reflexes, an extremely level head, and lots of luck. If anyone beats this let me know!

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